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Bars & Clubs around Playa del Ingles

You'll find most of the gay bars and restaurants all located together in one large commercial center in the resort called the "Yumbo Center" (pronounced Jumbo). There's a few more on the basement level of a nearby center "The Cita Center". Each of the two has an official web site, run by the management of each center which list quite a few though far from all establishments.

If you want to print out a guide to each center showing the location of each bar, restaurant, shop etc... then your best place to go is Gay City Map (

Yumbo Center - you have 3 night clubs


Heaven Nightclub 01:00am - 06:30am - Generally free entry other than
Saturdays - €10 euros b4 3am (free with flyer) and €15 after (includes drink)

Pretty spectacular club though currently very quiet or closed Sunday to Thursday (other than national holidays when they open extra days). Friday is quite a mixed night but only around half full. Saturday is very, very popular with around 25% gay and 75% straight crowd (very gay friendly) and often packed to capacity so don't be too late. House music - guest DJs and PAs. There's a dark room though not that much of a cruisy club.


Mantrix - Open daily 01:00 - 05:00 - Free during the week. €5 Saturdays with free drink. This is on level 4 - an area including 4 bars where most people go to drink, socialize, listen to pumping music from each and party each night.

More mainstream house music at Mantrix & what this club does the others don't (thanks to its location) is stay busy from around 2am to close every night of the week (packed to capacity Saturdays.) Good music, friendly atmosphere, good light and sound system and a small but very busy dark room. Go to have fun, go to cruise - suitable for all!


Babylon 22:00 - 06:00 - Free entry other than Saturday 

As Mantrix gets ready to close, people head across the other side of the center to get the last of the night out of XL. Fairly quiet before 3am. Quite a disco kind of atmosphere, more mainstream music. They have a terrace area with bar which is trying to pull in the crowds a little earlier and is open from around 10pm each evening.

Yumbo Center - The "Show" Bars

la Belle

Lower level - 21:00 - not sure, around 1 or 2am. For the non-regulars to Gran Canaria - La Belle's started off many, many years ago as a small bar on one of the upper floors and packed out the premises and surrounding balconies every night. Now the "typical" music and comedy drag seen in most places they were unique in their day. All this moved downstairs to the lower level and the biggest venue in the center but lost some of its talent and pull along the way and slowly became quieter as new competition opened up around that became busier. In 2004 a fire during the night saw the doors close and management do a runner to Mallorca.

2005 and the very successfully and talented people from "Showgirls of Manchester" arrive and spend hundreds of thousands of euros on a spectacular refurb, costumes, staff and all sorts of stuff to open the place as "Cafe La Belle Showgirls". Moving away from your typical drag acts that you'll find elsewhere, they have "female impersonators" & a much more eye-catching show with extravagant sets and costumes, dance routines, lighting ... Attracts a mixed and often mainly straight crowd, often packed out most nights.

If you're looking for a fun, enjoyable night of more traditional drag and comedy then definitely head to Ricky's cabaret bar, bottom level opposite KFC. Open daily from around 10pm until 1 or 2am, this place packs out pretty much every night with the terrace opposite also full of onlookers. Very fun and mixed crowd and atmosphere. Starts off with karaoke until the show starts at around midnight.

The owner Ricky recently left (April 2006) then early 2008 their 3 best performers left (see Sparkles SHowbar below) but the place still manages to pack out many nights of the week and it's worth checking out.

Sparkles Showbar - The three most popular performers from another venue decided to set-up shop for themselves, proving they were the most popular by packing out a 400-seater venue every night of the week, the origional venue of Cafe La Belle for 15 years before it went mainstream downstairs. The costumes and shows are OTT fantastic, plenty of videos on youtube (search for sparkles showbar) and they have their own website at

Yumbo Center - The other Bars


The corner tower of the Yumbo (nearest the Hotel Neptuno) is known as "level 4" and is home to 3 bars and the Mantrix night club (and rumour has it a new sauna being built at the end?) From around midnight onwards, people head up here and start off at the first bar, then move to the next and eventually Mantrix. Turbos and Mykonos are the busiest, each pumping out loud music, packed both inside and on the terrace outside with a very friendly atmosphere. Interesting fact is the first bar up there (I forget the name, never go in) has a girl as their "tout" - the only girl working up there and the only tout. As soon as you get to the top of the stairs she's in your face offering you a free shot so we go up the other end of the terrace to avoid her. Interesting again is she has the only empty bar up there so stop doing that sweetheart, you're annoying and you bother the nice people going to Turbos.

If at the end of the night you still have energy to carry on, there are a couple of after hours bars in the nearby Cita Center. Factory is the more established gay-exclusive bar but next door is the more popular, hetero-friendly (mainly gay) lounge bar. Both open around 05:30am until late morning, early afternoon, depending on how busy they are.


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