Over recent years the Pride celebration in Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles has grown quickly into one of the largest of its kind in Europe currently attracting an extra hundred thousand or so party-goers for the week with the final week-end seeing the venues, beaches and streets packed to capacity almost.

Each year the event has been taking place at the beginning of May though recently it's moved slightly to the middle of that month. If you can't make the full duration be sure to get here for the last few days when the biggest of the events are taking place. Don´t miss the main parade on the last Saturday!

Expect several large pool parties with one big one for the guys with Mr Gay Gran Canaria taking place there and another for the girls. There's gay-exclusive excursions and boat trips during the week, my favourite on the Thursday or Friday which is the T-Dance by the beach (clubbing by day), a main stage in the Yumbo center with shows most nights and special guests over the last week-end (one-hit wonders from decades gone by really but some really good ones and if there's a recent X-Factor contestant that looks good with his shirt off then he'll be there too), the six-pack zone in the Yumbo has their own DJ every night packing the place out, the big parade of course on the Saturday and the foam party in the Yumbo on the Sunday.

Six Pack zone in the Yumbo center


Flights - Book them NOW. Don't try and get a last minute deal as they aren't going to come down in price.

Accommodation - Of course the gay-exclusive properties will be pricey but will also be fully booked weeks if not months before everything starts. Anywhere near the Yumbo center in Playa del Ingles will become hetero-friendly that week. In May the non-gay properties reduce their prices considerably and most don't bump them up for Pride week so look around, you can find some very good deals in some very nice places. Remember there are pool parties in the gay complexes open to the public every day so chances are you'll be out and about most days and evenings.

Excursions - If you plan on doing as much as possible during the week and going to all the shows then consider a VIP package you can buy in advance from the official Gay Pride Maspalomas website. As well as tickets to all the official events there's VIP access and seating to all the shows.

Look out for the venues and events that display a banner from Gay Pride Maspalomas showing they are an official sponsor (they donate money and time to help pay for everything) and spend your money there and not in the other venues or events (do little or nothing to help but earn a fortune anyway that week).



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